August 2006 – Black Widow has received a total of 6 Nominations for the 2006 Gemini Awards including;  Best Photography, Editing, Sound, and Performance (Sarah Slean) in a Performing Arts Program; as well as Best Original Score and Best Costume Design in a Dramatic Program.  Awards to be announced October 18, 2006.

May 2006 Black Widow wins the prestigious Czech Crystal at the 2006 Golden Prague Awards.

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Fade in on a man’s severed head just as it is about to be engulfed in flames of an old-fashioned coal furnace. The head suddenly opens his eyes and begins to sing a mournful 1940’s era blues song:

What is love? But a prelude to sorrow,
With a heartbreak ahead for your goal.
Here I go - Now you know why I'm leaving.
Got the blues. What can I lose? Goodbye!

The severed head then proceeds to tell the tale of how he came to be in this unfortunate situation. Naturally, his story begins with a beautiful dark-haired woman, a classic femme fatale. The poor man’s fate is sealed the moment their eyes meet, and he soon becomes ensnared in the beguiling predator’s web of deceit.

BLACK WIDOW stars several of Canada’s most fascinating recording artists, including Sarah Slean, Martin Tielli, and Mary Margaret O’Hara, as well as acclaimed stage and screen actors Tom McCamus, Julian Richings and Gary Reineke.

Shot in black and white in a visually expressionistic style, BLACK WIDOW is a playfully macabre homage to film noir cinema of the 1940’s.

Produced by Enigmatico Films and Holland Park Productions, in association with CBC Television. Written by Patricia Fogliato & David Mortin. Directed by David Mortin. Distributed by Rhombus International.

50 minutes.

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